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Whole house water filtration Phoenix

Saturday, 26. October 2013

How to Find the Best Water Softener Phoenix Has Available on the Market

By mmercer8, 10:14

Dessert homeowners deal with the problems of extremely hard water on a daily basis. Hard water minerals coat pipes and adversely affect the function of water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, coffeemakers, and other water-using appliances. Hard water minerals leave ugly scum on tubs, showers, shower doors, faucets, and fixtures, and they leave their mark on dishes, glassware, and silverware. Also, hard water just doesn’t work well with soaps and detergents, so soap doesn’t rinse completely from hair, skin, dishes, and clothes.

Water treatment companies are all too aware that Phoenix homeowners are looking for solutions, therefore, many companies have flooded the local Phoenix market to make a profit. It’s a “buyer beware” situation. How do you know that you are buying the best water softener Phoenix has on the market, and how do you know you aren’t getting “taken”?

Compare water systems. There is a big difference between the quality, service, and price that you’ll receive from box stores, proprietary franchises, and independent distributors. You’ll find low quality and low priced water softener systems at box stores. Be careful of these products, because they are usually imported from overseas and constructed using inferior parts. Furthermore, these cheap systems are not built to deal with the rigorous demands of treating the extremely hard water found in the Phoenix area. Service is also an issue—You’ll don’t want to end up talking with someone in a foreign call center instead of receiving a service call from a local.

Proprietary franchises are those businesses that will all-too-gladly stick you with an extremely high bill for water softener systems, their installation, and their repair. They use hard-sell tactics—a salesman comes to your home, wastes your time with a 2+ hour presentation, and then tries to get you to buy with their “good for today only” discounts, throwing in some extra boxes of soap to sweeten the deal. Sure, the system may be of good quality, and the company may be available for local installation and service calls, but do you really want to get snared into buying an overpriced system?

Independent distributors are to be trusted for your water treatment needs. They are local, pride themselves on their experience, and can ensure that you are receiving the best service and product, at reasonable, competitive prices. They know which water softener systems that will best handle the extreme hard water mineral content in the greater Phoenix area. And they don’t resort to sales gimmicks, pressuring you to make a purchase decision when you need a bit of time to think about it.

Clear Water Concepts, a reputable and experienced local Phoenix independent water treatment company, has been in business since 1998. Trust them to install and service the highest quality home water softeners. For more information, visit

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Why Settle for Water Filtration Systems that Don’t Provide Soft Water?

By mmercer8, 10:12

Whole house water filtration systems are a necessity in Arizona. Particularly during the summer months, municipality water districts increase the levels of chlorine added to the water supplies to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Chlorine may be a great disinfectant, but it leaves a strong odor and can cause skin irritations. Arizona is also home to particularly hard water, water that deposits remnants of calcium, magnesium, and lime on water fixtures, bathtubs, sinks, and shower doors. It also leaves harmful layers of mineral buildup inside water heaters and all water-using appliances. Water filtration systems work to eliminate chlorine, chloramine, chlorine dioxide, and other water disinfectants. Water softeners remove hard water minerals from the water. Is there a system that can do both? Yes!

The Sanitech™ Pro-Line On Demand Whole Home Water Filtration System combines water softening with water filtration in one state-of-the-art system. It is designed specifically for the rigors of Phoenix area water. Here’s how it works: A multiple media that is layered in the resin tank to produce quality filtered, soft water for every faucet in your home. Not only does it remove the minerals that cause hard water scaling, but it also removes the water disinfectants that cause off-putting odors and tastes. It does this through exclusive Ecoflow Technology.

Ecoflow Technology increases the backwash flow rate in the Sanitech™ Pro-Line system. The backwash pressure flow rate in increased with this technology, causing more lift to resin and other medias so that full water capacity for the entire system is realized. The result: Less water is needed in the backwash cycle, making for better performance and significant water savings. In fact, Ecoflow Technology requires 30% less water to backwash and rinse the Sanitech™ Pro-Line system. This exclusive water treatment process is the clear ecological choice.

And for whole house water filtration combined with whole house water softening, the Sanitech™ Pro-Line is the obvious choice for your Phoenix home. Your investment in this system will ensure good-tasting, odor free water that is free of harmful disinfectants and is free of hard water minerals that shorten the life of your water-using appliances. With the Sanitech™ Pro-Line On Demand Whole Home Water Filtration System, you’ll save money and help protect the environment. You can find this system, along with other premium water filtration systems and water softening systems at the online home of Clear Water Concepts at

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About Me

By mmercer8, 10:06

Hello, I am Mirna. I live in the wondrous city of Sedona and since moving here I have discovered my spiritual side. I am very much interested in the healing powers of crystals and other natural forces. I do enjoy knitting and crafts, as I love creating new things from nothing. I bake often and ship my pies to my siblings whom are scattered throughout the country. I am a happy woman who has found her peace.

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